Twin Air Oil Coolers

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Twin Air Oil Coolers

Twin Air’s Oil Cooler’s unique tubular heat exchanger cools the oil by running the oil through the tubes via a 3 chamber element.

The 6mm ID rubber hose was our choice to maximize heat exchange and maintain optimal oil pressure. Our testing of a rubber hose versus a stainless steel braided hose, the rubber hose had better heat exchange and maintained engine oil pressure.

The Twin Air Oil Cooler is mounted behind the left side radiator and comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting.Tested by Motocross MX1 Team Kawasaki in the 2009 FIM Motocross MX1 Championship.

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250 SXF 10 With Filter, 250 SXF 11-12 With Filter, 250 SXF 13-14 With Filter, 350 SXF 11-14 With Filter, 450 SXF 09-12 With Filter, 450 SXF 13-14 With Filter, 450 XCW 12-14 With Filter, CRF250R 10-13, CRF250R 14, CRF250R/X 08-09, CRF450R 08, CRF450R 09-12, CRF450R 13-14, KX250F 08-09, KX250F 10-14, KX450F 08-09, KX450F 10-14, RMZ250 08-09 With Filter, RMZ250 10-13 With Filter, RMZ250 13-14 With Filter, RMZ450 09 With Filter, RMZ450 10-13 With Filter, RMZ450 13-14 With Filter, YZ250F 10-13, YZ450F 09, YZ450F 10-13