S&S Super E Carburetor Kit For Harley

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S&S Cycle Super E Carburetor Kit For Harley

If there’s a more popular aftermarket carburetor in use on HD products today, you’d never know it! Take a look around for the iconic teardrop air cleaner at the next bike event you’re at – you can’t count ten bikes without seeing a handful of them. The reason for that is that they work! Whether you’re building a bike or hot-rodding an existing bike, a Super E solves several problems all at once. First, they bolt in, so a minimum of labor is required. Second, they make big power! From stock right up to pretty hot engines, the Super E can fuel your bike and help you get the most from your motor. Finally, they are easy to tune. Dialing in an S&S carb is something most home mechanics should not find difficult.


  • Each carb kit includes an S&S Super E gasoline carburetor with updated fuel delivery ports and idle screw, S&S teardrop air cleaner assembly, manifold, mounting hardware, fuel line, clamps, overflow line, one extra intermediate jet and two main jets, VOES tubing if applicable, and installation/jetting instructions
  • Super E has a 1.875″ throat at the butterfly and a 1.5625″ venturi and is recommended for use on Big Twin engines up to 100 cubic inches
  • Made in the USA

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