Moose Racing Radiator Hose/Clamp Kits Husqvarna

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Moose Racing Radiator Hose/Clamp Kits Husqvarna

  • Manufactured by Samco® Sport UK – the world leader in silicone hose, with over 20 years experience
  • Hand wrapped and 100% visually inspected in the UK
  • European grade high-temperature silicone guaranteed to 356°F
  • Smooth flow and improved insulation promotes radiator efficiency and improves engine cooling
  • Single molded, Y-piece hoses eliminate the need to reuse OEM 3-way fitting which reduces weight and eliminates leak points
  • Three layers of reinforcement fabric offer high burst pressures and provide better debris/crash resistance
  • Zero block tooling technology results in clear and open house junctions, free from dangerous and restrictive flashing
  • Used by leading MX/Enduro and Off-road teams
  • UV stable colors don’t fade with heat or sun and are color matched to OEM brands
  • Kit contains hoses and necessary clamps

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TC85 14-17 Blue, TC85 2008 Blue, FC/TC125,FC250, DC/FX350, FC/FS450 16-18 Blue (T-piece), 125-501 TE/FE 14-16 Blue (T-piece), TC125 14-15 Blue, TC125 16-18 Blue, TE125 14-16 Blue, TE150 17-18 Blue, TE150 17-18 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), FC250 14-15 Blue (Race Y-piece), FC250/350 16-18 Blue, FE250 14-16 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), FE250/350 17-18 Blue, FE/TC/TE250,TE/TX300,FE350,FE/FX450,FE501 17-18 Blue, TC250 14-16 Blue, TC250/TX300 17-18 Blue, TE250/TE300 14-16 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), TE250/300 2017 Blue, TE250/300 2017 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), TE250i/300i 2018 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), TE300 14-16 Blue, FC350 14-15 Blue (Race Y-Piece), FE350 14-16 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), FE350 14-16 Blue (Race Y-Piece), FE350 17-18 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), FE350 17-18 Blue, FC450 14-15 Blue, FC/FX450 16-18 Blue, FE450/501 14-16 Blue, FE450/501 14-16 Blue (Thermostat Bypass), FE450/501 17-18 Blue, FE450/501 Blue (Thermostat Bypass)


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