CV4 Radiator Hose Kits

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CV4 Radiator Hose Kits

CV4 hose kits add function and style to your bike

Pure silicone construction with polyester reinforcement

Can withstand temperatures up to 420 degrees

Unlike OEM hoses, CV4 hoses resist ozone and UV deterioration and are more puncture resistant

Smoother I.D allows for increased coolant flow

Y kits eliminate hose connectors on some bikes

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KX85 98-13 Blue, KX250F 09-14 Blue, KX250F 09-14 Green, KX250F 07-08 Blue, KX250F 07-08 Green, KX250F 09-14 Y KIT Blue, KX250F 09-14 Y KIT Green, KX450F 06-08 Blue, KX450F 06-08 Green, KX450F 09-14 Blue, KX450F 09-14 Green, KX450F 09-14 Y KIT Blue, KX450F 09-14 Y KIT Green, RMZ250 07-10 Yellow, RMZ250 07-10 Y Kit Yellow, RMZ250 13-14 Y Kit Yellow, RMZ450 08-14 Blue, RMZ450 08-14 Yellow, RMZ450 08-14 Y KIT Yellow, RMZ450 08-14 Y KIT Blue, CRF250R 14 Blue, CRF250R 14 Red, CRF150R 07-13 Blue, CRF150R 07-13 Red, CR250 03-07 Red, CR250 03-07 Blue, CRF250R 04-09 Red, CRF250R 04-09 Blue, CRF250R/X 10-12 Red, CRF250R/X 10-12 Blue, CRF450R 02-04 Red, CRF450R 02-04 Blue, CRF450R 06-08 Red, CRF450R 06-08 Blue, CRF450R 09-12 Red, CRF450R 09-12 Blue, CRF450R 13-14 Blue Y KIT, CRF450R 13-14 Red Y KIT, YZ85 02-14 RED, YZ85 02-14 BLUE, YZ250 05-12 RED, YZ250 05-12 BLUE, YZ250F 03-05 RED, YZ250F 03-05 BLUE, YZ250F 07-09 RED, YZ250F 07-09 BLUE, YZ250F 10-13 RED, YZ250F 10-13 BLUE, YZ450F 03-09 RED, 65SX 02-08 Orange, 65SX 02-08 Blue, 85SX 03-12 Red, 85SX 03-12 Blue, 85SX 03-12 Orange, 250SXF/EXC 07-10 Blue, 250SXF/EXC 07-10 Orange, YZ450F 03-09 BLUE, YZ450F 10-14 RED, YZ450F 10-14 BLUE


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