Bike Master Heavy Duty Enduro Tubes

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Bike Master Heavy Duty Enduro Tubes

Whether you’re a weekend rider or a professional racer, getting stuck on the trail is not an option. BikeMaster Heavy-Duty Enduro Tubes offer excellent protection against puncture or pinch flats that can leave you stranded. No matter how rough the terrain, the natural rubber compounds make these tubes a must when riding offroad. With increased wall thickness, these tubes provide better sidewall stability and superior protection to give you every advantage.


  • Seamless construction with increased wall thickness
  • Natural rubber compound with heavy-duty valve stems
  • TR-6 Straight metal stem (8mm dia.)
  • Sold individually

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TR-6 / 80/100-21, TR-6 / 100/90-19, TR-6 / 100/100-18, TR-6 / 110/100-18, TR-6 / 110/90-19, TR-6 / 120/90-19, TR-6 / 120/100-18